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Generator installation


P & C Power Generation & Fuel Transfer System erection / installation team include industry’s best qualified and experienced Engineers and Technicians, Third party/VELOSI certified Welders & Fabricators.

We ensure and follow highest safety standards and best quality material to suit the application even on stringent specifications.
P & C Engineering is involved in following Genset Installation procedure to meet international standards and industry’s best method.




The Rigging of Genset is carried out by experience site staff with special tools, forklift, crane and even with specially custom fabricated platform to meet the requirements of the site. Safety is the main criteria of this operation.




Genset Anchoring is done with AVM or padding to meet the structural safety while we ensure minimum vibration to the structure considering the dynamic Load involved. Usually this is maintained within 20-30mm/s(rms) and displacement within 0.4mm(rms) vibration frequency upto 30 Hz.as per ISO8528-9


Exhaust pipe work


Exhaust pipe work with standard BS standard pipes on Floor, Ceiling or wall supports to suit the site requirement with allowance for Thermal expansion in consideration to flue gas temperature, drain and vibration absorption is designed and done by our most experienced staff to your site conditions. Back pressure calculation and design ensure to limit the back pressure normally within 6.5 Kpa or better as required for the specific Model.


Thermal Insulation & Cladding


We employ the most versatile high density Thermal Insulation with marine wired mat, material with density above 100 kg/m³ and operating temperature upto 750°C and thermal conductivity at 50 deg , 0.039w/mk.  This ensures the surface temperature on insulated surface not to exceed +8 to 10°C above ambient temperature. The cladding work is done with the stucco Aluminium/SS Sheet to meet the aesthetic and bonding requirements.


Sound Attenation & Cooling System


In house design is done for the sound attenuation and cooling system to ensure compliance to BS and applicable international standards. Normally the system is ensured with our design to meet pressure drop upto 250 Pascals from Air intake to discharge end and pressure drop not to exceed 125 Pascals beyond radiator to requirement for the specified capacity. Air velocity is limited and contained with in    5 m/s with specially designed and selected attenuator/louver/damper. Radiator Cowl/Duct work is carried out to comply to site requirement while ensure Air flow requirement and aestetics. Superior GI sheet is used for the purpose. Sound attenuation to customer specified limit is achieved using specially selected and designed attenuator/ acoustic louvers. Sound attenuator complies DW 142 / 144 and tested to BS 4718 standard.


Fuel Transfer System


Our qualified engineers can offer the best solutions for the fuel transfer system with best logic for controls. P & ID, Piping isometric and other drawings are designed in house. Our stock of specialized material / gauges, sensors/ controllers and transmitters of diesel system is normally enough to meet the most requirements. Special design can also be done on request. Fuel tanks are fabricated to meet BS Standard BS-EN 12285-2.2005. Rectangular and Cylindrical tanks up to 50,000 Liters in single and double wall construction are done to meet your requirements. All fuel transfer lines are compressed air tested to ensure free of leakages and ensure safe to operate after installation. Our experience list and major project references are available on request.




Our Design and Installation of Gensets are supported by following measurements on commissioning of generators:
Anemometric measurement of air velocity at intake and discharge
Exhaust and insulation temperature measurement with IR thermometer
Noise level measurement
Compressed air leak test on fuel lines and Load bank test on gensets etc.




We assist to customize your requirement on sizing of gensets, design of layout for genset and fuel transfer system, selection of material, support calculation for back pressure on system, thermal calculation, noise level calculation and load analysis etc.
Our qualified engineers are capable to design and meet even most stringent specification within limitation of site.
Detail engineering and design drawings and assistance are available on request for major projects.


In Nutshell, P & C Engg offer the following services for all major  projects:


Technical submittal for all installation material.
Design/ detail drawings for layout, supports and logic diagram.
Calculation such as back pressure, thermal, noise and for equipment sizing calculation.
Post installation measurement of parameters to check for compliance to equipment/ project requirement.
Testing & commissioning assistance.


One stop for all your Power and control requirements.